Supporting the Incinerator

Letter to the Irish Times 4 February 2010

Madam, – The Minister for the Environment may philosophise about waste management. But philosophy won’t get rid of the 700,000 tons generated in Dublin which is currently going to landfill. The local authorities can’t indulge themselves in philosophy – they have to get rid of the waste.

Even the most environmentally conscious Dubliners will still have a lot of waste left over after their best recycling efforts. The choice for the remainder is simple. Dump it in ever-bulging landfills or burn it in a modern incinerator and generate electricity in the process.

As a resident of Sandymount, I want my waste dealt with locally rather than driven 20 miles to be dumped in a hole in Co Kildare.

The ESRI report states (Home News, February 3rd) there is no underlying rationale for Minister Gormley’s proposed waste policy. An Bord Pleanála has approved the incinerator. The EPA has approved the incinerator. The ESRI supports it. Let’s get on with it. – Yours, etc,


Farney Park,


Dublin 4.